EXO Fact (part 2)

EXO fact part 2 (do not re-post, just re-blog)

1. Before debut, the members practiced MAMA for 3-4 months.

2. Chanyeol was not always so tall. Before the 3rd year of middle school, Chanyeol was rather small.

3. Kai likes the manga “BeyBlade” and the character Kai Hiwatari.

4. Kai was happy to receive his stage name because it was the same name

5. In EXO MAMA MV’s, Luhan from EXO-M loads the gun, and Baekhyun from EXO-K shoot the gun 

6. Lu Han has no leg hair.

7. D.O : “Kai is my dongsaeng, but he is sexier and hotter than me.”

8. Xiumin’s mother asked him to stay away from tall members so that he doesn’t look short.

9. Suho is the member that changed the most since debut.

10. Luhan is a fan of Donald Duck. He had an emotional breakdown when he saw him on DisneyLand.


credit:  asianfanfic.com

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EXO fact (part 1)

Well, i will posting something new. I will post EXO fact in maybe two part. Please, re-blog. Don’t re-post. Understand?


1. Luhan and Xiumin will play soccer in the dorms.

2. Sehun cannot stand Chanyeol’s lack of behaviour (Childish behaviour etc)

3. Suho really listens to D.O

4. Luhan learns Wushu with Tao, and twisted his waist.

5. The ramen that Baekhyun cooked made Chanyeol laugh for a very long time. (How unpleasant was the taste ?)

6. Sehun’s chest muscles are bigger than Kai’s.

7. Tao knows of Kristao/Taoris when he had to pick up a handkerchief. (Not so sure about this one)

8. The members of M’s life or death are all in their own hands.

9. Luhan and Sehun’s gaming abilities are very good.

10. Chanyeol’s ass has stopped Baekhyun, Kris, D.O, Suho, Kai and other people in their footsteps.

11. The members love to go to milk tea shops. (Bubble milk tea)

12. D.O will always lose when playing Scissors, Paper, Rock.

13. Sehun likes to play pranks on the other members.

14. In private, Chen and Xiumin like to kid around a lot.

15. Kris really knows how to comfort others.

16. Chanyeol likes to look at the mirror

17. K can joke around more then M but M likes to joke around more then K.

18.  Only Chen will say that Tao’s eye’s are natural and not eyebags.

19. Suho cannot cook, apart from making Ramen.

20. In private, Kai gets shy very easily.

21. Other members are used to Tao saying “Duizhang is very handsome”.

22. The 3 words in Chinese which Baekhyun knows the best are Bo Xian (his chinese name), beef and handsome.

23. When Tao speaks Korean, Xiumin can understand what he’s trying to say straight away.

24. Luhan will play pranks on the manager.

25. Everyday, Kai needs to have supper so he can sleep.

26. Chanyeol is talented in playing games and also talented in the reality of Confucious.

27. Kai wakes up very early, he’s not someone who sleeps very easily.

28. Only Chen will say that Tao’s eye’s are natural and not eyebags.

29. Kai is very scared of the heat, so in D.O and Kai’s room, the cold air temperature is very low.

30.  All 12 members like to eat snacks so when cleaning up their rubbish they are very durable.


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