Sulli F(x) fact

1. Wonder Girls’ Sohee thinks Sulli is cute.
2. Sulli is in charge of the gags in f(x).
3. Sulli always carries a journal around.
4. Sulli’s ideal guy is someone who is responsible, caring and mature.
5. Sulli once said “If I was picked as an ideal type? I would be so happy!”
6. Sulli’s name’s pronounced as “Sahl-li”
7. Fans of Sulli are called Sullians.
8. Sulli is really friendly and befriended Super Junior’s Heechul during their trainee days.He was quite an outcast before.
9. She dislikes blunt guys.
10. Sulli loves pink.
11. Sulli is close to SHINee’s Key.
12. Sulli shares a dorm with Victoria (indicated on Hello f(x)).
13. Sulli loves ice cream.
14. Sulli and Krystal are the cooking princesses of their group with their thumbs up.
15. Sulli has a bad eyesight.
16. Sulli and Kara’s Ji-Young are best friends.They even made themselves nicknames – Egg White and Yolk
17. Sulli has earned the nickname Sulovely because she has such a lovely face.
18. Sulli began training for f(x) in 2006 along with Krystal and Luna.
19. Sulli’s position in f(x) is the main vocalist.
20. Sulli was the first member to make a debut, officially debuting as a child actress in September 2005.

cr: tumblr | 100 facts about f(x)

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